About Us

ThreeSixty Alloys use leading edge equipment and processes to renovate, refurbish and even customise vehicle alloy wheels.

Our Team

Each of our team is trained to the highest standards on every work stage. That crew member then goes on to specialise in a series of processes to ensure the best results we can get when working on your vehicle. At ThreeSixty we stringently quality control one another. This gives you the best of our skills, and to constantly strive to improve what we do.

Our Service


Not only do we welcome the challenge of refurbishing your wheels if damaged or corroded, but we offer you the opportunity to enhance the look of your vehicle by choosing from endless custom colour designs, including shadowing, diamond cutting, and even aqua graphics.

Complete Repair

With the degrading condition of roads in Britain, and increased standard alloy sizes fitted by the manufacturer, alloy damage is sometimes unavoidable. ThreeSixty offer a complete repair service. We can safely straighten and even repair cracked wheels.