Approved Autoglym

ThreeSixty have in house technicians who are approved Autoglym valet and paint correction specialists. Our specialists can radically improve the look of your vehicle by performing a multi stage paint correction regiment. This will in future protect the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Why not get parts of your car cleaned and treated that you can not normally get to. While your vehicle is with us having a wheel refurbishment, we can treat the underbody, suspension and steering components. After the cleaning process we can seal the underbody for the durability and protection of your car. We can deep clean engine bays and detail all the under the hood hard to reach places. This is all performed with specialist equipment and products that are safe to use in the most delicate areas of your car.

We also offer a complete detailing service for the interior of your car that will make the part of your vehicle that you are most in contact with hygienic, odourless and looking amazing.

The paint correction and detailing service is not the 'run of the mill' valet service that you can now get quite cheaply at your local car wash. Please click the link below to get more information and speak to one of our team who will explain how we are so different.