ThreeSixty Alloys always want the very best for their customers and use genuine parts and quality workmanship. In the unlikely event something has gone wrong; ThreeSixty Alloys will try their best to rectify the situation.

Painted Wheels

ThreeSixty Alloys offers a 6 month warranty on all powder coat refurbishments, whereby the paint work will be free of rust and, corrosion. ThreeSixty Alloys reserve the right to refuse to refurbish wheels under warranty where we feel the damaged is not caused by defective materials or workmanship.

Diamond Cut Wheels

ThreeSixty Alloys offer a 3 month warranty on Diamond Cut wheels. Due to the nature of Diamond Cutting (see Diamond Cutting terms and conditions) it may not be possible to rectify cut wheels should a re-cut be required.

Two Piece Wheels

ThreeSixty Alloys can't offer a warranty on wheels which have been welded or where buckled wheels have been straightened. The repair of these wheels is on best endeavour basis.